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Great wine comes from well-maintained and cared-for grapes, which is why we focus on the careful tending of our vineyard. Located in the heart of central Minnesota, Jomas Hill is home to 4 acres of Minnesota cold-hardy Marquette and Itasca vines along with Petite Pearl. Our wine is produced in limited quantities using traditional wine making practices. The wines are different from year to year depending on environmental factors. Our wines have a collective profile of qualities that the growing environment at Jomas Hill imparts on the grapes that become the wine you will enjoy. We invite you to join us in re-connecting with the land that provides for us and enjoy some of the best Minnesota wine produced in central Minnesota.

Come and enjoy the amazing views of our vineyard at sunset from the comfort of our tasting room or find your place amongst the grape vines. 

Our bottled wine is available for purchase at our vineyard in Darwin, MN.


Marquette Reserve $27

Our Marquette Reserve finished in new French & American Oak barrels, which adds a bold oak complexity to the already smooth Marquette. Look for notes of black fruit, cherry, current, plum, cedar, and spice. The taste is robust and lively with a silky and mellow finish.

12.1% alc/vol

Marquette $32

Our 2021 Marquette presents with a deep ruby color, fruit forward aromas followed by bold tastes of cherry, pepper and vanilla. Its mild yet smooth approach is compliments of the near-perfect growing conditions during the 2021 season. Thriving in warm sunlight, the Jomas Hill Marquette provides good balance with a long finish.

“Best of Minnesota Marquette” in the 2023 International Cold Climate Competition

12.3% alc/vol

Petite Pearl $27

2021 was an excellent growing season: dry and warm weather meant the grapes could fully mature on the vine. Due to the high quality of the grapes, we chose whole cluster fermentation which allowed the wine to stay with the grape skins for an extended time, providing for a rich color and flavor. The pairing of fruit forward aromas followed by tastes of blackberry and cherry will leave you wanting more. A nice long finish awaits at the end of the glass.

12.4% alc/vol

Jomas Duet $25

***SOLD OUT***

Jomas Hill’s Blend is a pairing of Marquette and Petite Pearl. Keeping it all in the family, the Marquette and Petite Pearl come from the same grape lineage, and are grown side-by-side at Jomas Hill. Hand crafted and matured in barrels then blended, it’s almost like they were meant to be together in the bottle.

12.3% alc/vol

Jomas Red Trio $26

A Jomas Hill favorite, our Trio blend is a beautiful melding of Marquette, Petite Pearl, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Marquette delivers dark cherry and spice flavor, while the Petite Pearl offers depth and smoothness, and the Cabernet Sauvignon adds complexity to the blend. This bold blend gives a long-lasting aroma ranging from fruit to spice to chocolate. The wine finishes with a long smooth taste.

12.8% alc/vol

Vinnie’s Red $26

Jomas Hills Vinnie’s Red is a pairing of Marquette and Petite Pearl. Keeping it all in the family, the Marquette and Petite Pearl come from the same grape lineage and are grown side-by-side at Jomas Hill. When combined, the fruit forward Marquette is balanced by the Petite Pearls bold oak finish. Look for notes of red and black fruit, with a side of spice and vanilla

13.7% alc/vol

Cabernet Sauvignon $22

*** SOLD OUT***

The Cabernet Sauvignon wine was crafted right here at Jomas Hill. This medium-to full-body red is perfect for those that prefer a drier red wine. Look for notes of dark fruit.

13.7% alc/vol


Itasca $24

Ah, sunshine in a bottle! Our Itasca has citrus profiles of lemon and lime with a touch of lingering honey, perfect for summer sipping, Jomas Hill Vineyard has two groupings of ltasca vines; together, they make up the east and southwest corners of our vineyard. Jomas Hill Itasca pairs well with a meal of chicken or fish. The 2022 growing season provided the vines with adequate rainfall to sustain themselves, and ample heat and sunlight to bring the fruit to maturity. The dryness of the season kept the vines and fruit healthy allowing the grapes to express the best of what they are made of.

13.5% alc/vol

Viognier $20

***SOLD OUT***

Viognier, ”Vee-own-yay” was developed and first planted in southern France. It later became adaptable to areas like Walla Walla and Columbia Valley, WA. It grows best in sunny vineyards with moderate temperatures and cool nights. We choose Viognier for a full body white wine. It’s aromas are floral with hints of peach & honeysuckle. The wine was placed in barrels for about four months to pick up hints of vanilla. It’s a great sipping wine and pairs well with chicken, turkey, & fish. Enjoy!

13.5% alc/vol

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